As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, is the official website for finding and applying for federal grant programs in the United States. It serves as a centralized portal for grant opportunities offered by various federal agencies. The types of grants available on cover a wide range of fields and initiatives. These grant programs can vary in terms of their focus, eligibility criteria, and funding amounts. Here are some common types of federal grants that may be available on

  1. **Research Grants:** These grants support scientific research and innovation across various disciplines, including health, technology, social sciences, and environmental science.
  1. **Education Grants:** Federal agencies offer grants to educational institutions, school districts, and organizations to improve educational outcomes, promote literacy, and enhance educational opportunities.
  1. **Healthcare Grants:** Grants related to healthcare may fund initiatives in public health, medical research, healthcare access, disease prevention, and healthcare workforce development.
  1. **Environmental Grants:** Federal agencies provide grants for environmental conservation, clean energy, pollution reduction, and natural resource management.
  1. **Community Development Grants:** These grants support initiatives aimed at community revitalization, economic development, affordable housing, and infrastructure improvement.
  1. **Social Services Grants:** Grants in this category may fund programs addressing social issues such as poverty, homelessness, child welfare, and substance abuse treatment.
  1. **Arts and Culture Grants:** Some federal agencies offer grants to support artistic and cultural initiatives, including arts education, museum programs, and preservation of cultural heritage.
  1. **Agriculture and Rural Development Grants:** Grants may be available to promote agriculture, sustainable farming, rural economic development, and food security.
  1. **Science and Technology Grants:** These grants support advancements in science and technology, innovation, and research infrastructure.
  1. **Small Business Grants:** Federal agencies often provide grants and funding opportunities to support small businesses, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
  1. **Housing Grants:** Grants may be available to address housing needs, including affordable housing development, housing assistance programs, and homelessness prevention.
  1. **Disaster Relief Grants:** During disasters and emergencies, federal agencies may release grants to support disaster response, recovery, and preparedness efforts.
  1. **Transportation Grants:** Grants related to transportation may fund infrastructure projects, public transit systems, and transportation research.

Please note that the availability and types of grants on can change over time as new grant programs are announced, and existing ones are updated or closed. To access the most current and detailed information about federal grants available on, you should visit the website directly and use its search and filtering tools to explore grant opportunities based on your specific interests and needs. Visit