Having extra cash in hand for emergencies or unexpected expenses is always advisable. But, earning that extra money is not always easy with a busy schedule. InboxDollars provides an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash for a rainy day in your spare time with minimal effort. Taking surveys is the most popular and highest-paying activity on InboxDollars. The money may not seem much but it adds up over time if you make survey taking a consistent habit. Surveys take just 5-30 mins and are taken during breaks, commutes, or while watching TV.

Play games and watch videos

InboxDollars has simple and fun games that pay you to play. Games like solitaire, sudoku, and mahjong pay a few cents per game round. Though the earnings per game are small, playing 5-10 games during your free time adds up. You can easily earn from consistent gameplay. And this extra cash from leisurely gameplay provides a nice boost to your rainy day savings. The easiest way to earn on InboxDollars is by watching entertaining videos. You watch movie trailers, comedy videos, and trivia videos and earn 1 cent per 2-3 minute video. It’s a simple way to earn while taking a break or relaxing. With consistent video watching, you make money monthly. So, skip boring commercials on TV and instead watch InboxDollars videos to earn cash.

Shop online

InboxDollars offers cashback when you shop from hundreds of online stores in their portal. You earn 2-20% cashback when you shop for clothes, electronics, home goods and more. The key is always visiting InboxDollars before shopping directly on retailer sites. Thus, you earn cashback on top of discounts and promo codes. InboxDollars pays you to refer your friends and family. Your referred friends also get sign-up bonuses for joining InboxDollars. Referring to friends is passive income since you earn for no extra work. Refer to all your contacts and compound your earnings. It provides an effortless way to grow your rainy-day savings.

Check email offers

Don’t ignore emails from InboxDollars as they often contain additional earning opportunities. Emails frequently have high-paying survey invites, discount promos, limited-time offers, and more. Act quickly on email offers before quotas fill up to maximize earnings. Checking email just twice a day ensures you never miss out on exclusive opportunities that are only notified to members by email. InboxDollars pays you around 5 cents for signing up for free newsletters, magazines, or coupons. Subscribing takes just 30 seconds but earns you cash each time. While each newsletter won’t make you rich, earning 5 cents for mindless subscriptions adds up.

Download apps

You earn by downloading free apps on your smartphone or tablet. InboxDollars provides a list of apps that pay you to install and use them. The app offers a range from playing games, taking quizzes, or making purchases. Follow the instructions fully to get credited for completing the offers. Downloading new apps is something you’ll do anyway, so you might as well get paid for it.  You earn cash simply by searching the web using the inboxdollars in-depth review search engine. Just set it as your default browser search engine. Perform searches as usual before visiting websites, online shopping, or researching products. Earnings per search are small, but conduct searches before your daily browsing to earn steadily.